Classic Schwarzbier has its origins in Thuringia and Brunswick, and is an exceptionally dark, bottom-fermented beer with a striking taste of bitter chocolate. It has, however, become extremely marginalized and its very existence is under threat. The brewing process is highly complex, and for the sake of simplicity, a  greater amount of pale malt is often used – at the expense of aroma.


Darkon is inspired by traditional recipes. Nothing but dark malts, are used to create the characteristically mild roasted aromas of bitter chocolate and toffee.

tasting notes:

Brownish black with a moderate head. Its scent is malty and chocolaty with a slightly smoked character. It is only slightly foamy and displays a surprisingly herbal taste – underscored by a wheaty element. This honest beverage features long-lasting bitter notes in the finish.

bitter note moderate
alcohol content 5.4% ABV
sour note subtle
lightness/color brownish black
head moderate


Bitter chocolate, dark rye bread, herbs and malt



Serving Temperature

8-10 °C


Water, malted barley (Munich malt, crystal malt, roasted malt), hops (Magnum, Saphir), yeast

Goes With

· Sausage, e.g. grilled bratwurst · Fried dishes, e.g. fillet of beef with thyme sauce · Cheese, e.g. Munster cheese


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