Food Pairing

Beer culture – culture of enjoyment

Due to their exceptional aromas and great depth of flavor, the especially high-quality craft beers from BraufactuM are a fantastic accompaniment to the finest creations of upscale cuisine. Like a good wine, BraufactuM beers can be enjoyed with fine dining. The variety of flavors and aromas in the beers means they can be combined with almost innumerable dishes. Creative dishes and combinations form an exciting harmony between craft beer and food, which allows true culinary delights to emerge. The journey of discovery through potential food pairings is just as diverse, inexhaustible, and intriguing as craft beer itself.

Our passion for good meat brought us together with one of the best meatman in Germany (Otto Gourmet). We meet with the guys at Otto Gourmet once a year in order to uncover the best meat and beer pairings from among more than ten types of meat and over 20 beers.



New Enjoyment Culture

But as we realize time after time at various events and tasting evenings, there are no limits when it comes to pairing beers. The combination of cheese and beer is a dream come true, while combining them with chocolate, pralines, or desserts is just as enjoyable. Moreover, cigar fans love finding the right craft beers to enjoy with a smoke. Even with wine, surprising combinations are possible. We put this to the test at wine-beer-food pairings with our friends from the Baron Knyphausen vineyard in the Rheingau area (Germany).

Take inspiration from the manifold tastes and aromas of BraufactuM beers and make the most of the opportunity to enjoy them as an accompaniment.


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