About BraufactuM

Story: The Journey to a New Taste

It began with our common vision to further develop the cultural asset we call beer and brew beers outside the established rules. But before we began brewing craft beers in Germany, we went on a journey and visited brewers all over the world who shared our exploratory spirit and the demand for something special. The journey took us to Great Britain, Belgium, Italy, and to the USA on several occasions. After enjoying fascinating beer brewed with dedication and technical artistry and following hours of discussion about beer styles, unusual brewing methods, and ingredients, our ideas about our own craft beers began to reach maturity. By the end of this inspirational research trip, we were convinced that we have to brew our own beers: Craft beers with a German twist.
Back in Germany, the foundation stone for BraufactuM was laid in May 2010 with the establishment of a company. Full of enthusiasm and inspired by the impressions of craft beer we picked up on our journey, we experimented with, brewed, and perfected our new craft beers. The aim was and remains to combine the openness for new discoveries of American and other international craft brewers with the centuries-old German tradition and expertise in beer brewing. An exciting symbiosis and a unique opportunity to participate in the worldwide craft beer movement with independent and characterful German craft beers. At the beginning in 2010 people sneered because craft beer had never existed in Germany in this form. In the time since the foundation of BraufactuM, the craft beer trend has established itself in Germany – and BraufactuM is therefore considered a craft beer pioneer in the country.


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